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3 boys charged with derailing train

  : Wednesday April 19, 2000
Three boys aged between 8 and 13 have been charged causing a train crash in
Charleroi 18 April 2000
photo: Reuters
which one person was killed and 22 others injured yesterday (18 April).
The boys are said to have wedged pieces of concrete into the mechanism of a set of points (switches) and then placed a concrete block onto the line. This derailed a train into the path of an oncoming train on another track,

The boys whose ages are 8, 9 and 13 are said to have admitted trying to derail the train. The two younger children are brothers.

The driver of the oncoming train died shortly after the collision and the driver of the derailed train is said to be in a serious condition. Two more railwaymen were also seriously hurt.

The incident occured near Charleroi on the Namur-Charleroi which carries traffic between Paris and Cologne.

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Three Boys Charged With Belgian Train Crash
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SNCB (Belgian Railways)

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