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Hidden Dangers
Railway Safety
in theEra of Privatisation

Stanley Hall

Red for Danger
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Hidden Dangers

Railway Safety in the Era of Privatisation
Stanley Hall

Ian Allen, 1999

Commenting on the findings of the Southall inquiry, the author of the report, Professor John Uff said that there was still much to be done regarding "inherent problems" in rail privatisation. "What's clear is that the task is still incomplete despite the fact the privatisation occurred some years ago." This book takes a look at what those problems seem to be.

Privatisation has undoubtedly led to an increased concern about railway safety. Hidden Dangers, written by eminent railway safety expert Stanley Hall, examines the controversial nature or the post-Clapham era on Britain's railways and attempts to discover and examine some of the underlying causes of accidents.

The immediate cause of an accident is almost always quickly established, but it is the impact of other forces which provides much of the interest. His detailed analysis of these forces has profound implications for all those involved inthe railway industry.

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