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Recent Additions

Hot BoxWalkeringham An overheated axle bearing can have disastrous consequences. This series of photographs shows the damage that can be inflicted on vehicles and the track when this small, but vital component fails.

The Great East Thompson Wreck  in the winter of 1891 was a calamity that saw no fewer than four trains come together in disastrous circumstances. In this article, Stephen Boothroyd recalls the events of "a bad day for the New York & New England RR."

Wreck at Richmond Switch...and then one night 'twas heard no more. As two important trains met at Stonington Jct, it was touch and go as to which would proceed first. As the conductors of both trains argued the point neither realised that winner would be the loser.
by Stephen Boothroyd

If it can go wrong . . .Driffield 1981A few accidents are more memorable for their problems in recovery than in the incident itself. In Yorkshire in 1981, what began with a runaway brakevan led to a dramatic series of events which included a derailed locomotive and cranes that seemed to do all they could to avoid getting involved!

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