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ARCHIVES - 1998       1999

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Archive of past editions
Stop Signal

Volume 2 1999
Date Issue Summary
March 1999 Vol2
No 3
'City of New Orleans' Disaster; Sacramento Light Rail Collision Investigation; Truckee Valley Railroad Disaster (1893)
February 1999 8 From the past:   Wreck of the Tamiami Champion
Granville Disaster, Australia
In the news:   Sacremento, USA: Headon collision on light rail system       Indiana, USA: Explosives train derails       Collision on SettleCarlisle line       UK: Poor training led to derailment
January 1999 7 Granville Australia 1977     India     Settle - Carlisle Line

Volume 1 1998
Date Issue Summary
December 1998 6 Accidents at Christmas *** Sealdah Express Disaster - India
August 1998 5 A bad time in India*** ICE tragedy - Special Feature*** Sunshine Disaster***
July 1998 4 Danger Ahead moves to new server,
June 1998 3 Eschede ICE Disaster *** More accidents in the news - Concord West in Australia, 100mph rash in Britain, Passnegers killed in a grade crossing smash in Indiana, USA *** Train wrecks on the WWW
April 1998 2 The Need for Speed; More from the Southall Inquiry;
March 1998 1 High speed derailment at Salisbury, 1906; Southall Inquiry; Cameroon Disaster

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