Issue #4 - July 1998
New Server Special Edition

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Welcome to issue #4 of Stop Signal, the newsletter for Danger Ahead!
New Server Special Edition
What's in this edition:
  • Fourth of July - Danger Ahead! Moves to new Server
  • Site Notes
  • Tail Lamp

Fourth of July - Danger Ahead! Moves to New Server
Danger Ahead has moved. It is now on the Blue Moon Networks' server with a new URL -
To mark the occasion, the front page is carrying a cool fireworks display. It will remain for the weekend so come on over to see it now, before it's taken down. (You'll need a java-capable browser and to fully appreciate it a soundcard is essential.)
At the site, you will find some recently added articles including an item on the first passenger railway fatality in 1825. This occurred on the formal opening day of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway when the Member of Parliament for Liverpool was killed after being knocked down by the famous Rocket locomotive. There is an article that explores the legend of Casey Jones and his last journey, in 1900 on the Illinois Central Railroad.
In the recent reports section are items about the recent Tangara train wreck in Australia and the fatal collision of an American commuter train in Indiana. All the Danger Ahead! reports related to the ICE disaster at Eschede in Germany have been gathered together and an index of these is available. A Special Feature about this accident will be publishe on the site very shortly after some newly available information has been assessed and incorporated.
Come and visit soon, see the fireworks and it would be nice if you would sign the guestbook to let us know that you've called.
Danger Ahead! - Historic Railway Accidents

Site Notes
Hard Hats Please
Please be careful if you are visiting Danger Ahead! - there's still some loose wiring which we're trying to clear-up as quickly as we can. Should you stumble across some - broken links etc, I'd be grateful if you would let me know so that we can get in there and sort it out.
Previous issues of Stop Signal are available in an archive at the Danger Ahead! web site. If you have missed earlier issues you will be able to find them here...
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Tail Lamp
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Danger Ahead! Historic Railway Disasters

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