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Image 8 died in head-on collision
At least 8 killed in Belgian Train Crash
Two trains have collided head-on in Belgium killing at least 8 people.The crash occurred when an empty train ran into the path of a crowded commuter train.     more

Image Derail: Why Trains Crash by Nicholas Faith
Derail: Why Trains Crash
Derail is an unprecedented analysis of many of the most dramatic, bizarre and terrifying rail accidents over the past 150 years.
Published to compliment the Channel 4 series of the same name, Nicholas Faith not only examines many disasters from earlier years but also provides some answers to crucial questions posed since the disaster at Clapham in 1988. more

Delivers news and views about rail accidents and safety around the world
What do you think? Ladbroke Grove
Paddington Disaster
5 October 1999 - Index of Reports

Head on collision kills 31 in Indonesia
02 Sep 2001
At least 8 killed in Belgian Train Crash
27 Mar 2001
Train carrying empty nuclear flasks derailed
02 Mar 2001
SELBY: Crash death toll "may be lower"
02 Mar 2001
UK: Selby-13 dead in Selby train crash
28 Feb 2001
UK: Several feared injured in Yorkshire train crash
28 Feb 2001
COMMENT: Push - Pull - the Hidden Dangers
by R H State
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news headlines
Smoke and Mirrors
Paddington - Comment
Selective reporting by the media of the Cullen inquiry serves to obscure what should be the true focus of attention in seeking the truth of the Ladbroke Grove tragedy.

SOUTHALL: Between the lines

What's wrong with our b***** trains today?
Fire! The accidents in Norway on 4 January, 2000 and at Paddington on 5 October 1999 have produced a new fear, especially to accident watchers in Britain and on the Continent, which is the emergence of FIRE.

Montana2 US Head-on Collisions
With Britain having just experienced one of its worst head on crashes for many years the details of two head on collisions from the USA are summarised
by Ray State with photography by Richard C Logan

Green for danger - the phantom signalGreen for danger - the phantom signal provides an insight into the vexing question of the fatal SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) at Paddington on 5 October, 1999 through an examination of a1997 accident at Hummelstown, USA.
by Ray State

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Harmelen 1962Harmelen, Holland 1962new
Holland's worst-ever rail accident occurred on a foggy morning in the middle of the winter of 1962. At a lonely junction near Woerden, two trains collided with catastrophic effects.

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USA - Farmer City, Illinois - 1909 JAPAN - Rokko Station - 1984
USA - Washington Union Station - 1953 USA - Saco, Montana - 1988
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Hidden Dangers
Hidden Dangers
by Stanley Hall

this book
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