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Hidden Dangers
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SELBY: Crash death toll "may be lower"

DA! : Friday March 1, 2001
The death toll
Selby 28 February 2001
from the Selby train disaster may not be as bad as first feared after police revealed that 10 people may have died.

Police have only been able to collect parts of some bodies because of the train was so badly damaged in the crash. They originally thought they were dealing with 13 victims.

No victims have been named by authorities or legally identified but Railtrack has confirmed that five of the rail operators' staff died in the crash, including both train drivers. An identification committee chaired by the local coroner has been set up to complete the grim task.

DNA testing will officially confirm the identity of victims but this will take a number of days.

A huge crane is about to start moving the wrecked carriages. The discovery of more bodies during the process has not been ruled out.

Ananova: 13 confirmed dead - but toll could rise 28/02/2001

Ananova: Several feared injured in Yorkshire train crash 28/02/2001

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