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19th Century   1990 onwards   Unknown Wrecks
Waterloo Stn (L & Y) 1903
Waterloo Stn (L & Y) 1903
Waterloo Stn (L & Y) 1903
The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway was not a happy line in 1903. This accident was one of two recorded here that occurred in that year. This is a view of the incident at Waterloo station on the Liverpool - Southport line.
There are two images of this accident.
Photo (both): PRO Collection
Preston Stn (L & Y) 1903
Preston Stn (L & Y) 1903
The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway was not a happy line in 1903. This accident was one of two recorded here that occurred in that year. This is a view of an incident that occurred at Preston station during the August Bank Holiday.
Photo: PRO Collection
Dingwal - Kyle of Lochalsh Line
Highland Railway 1906
The great blizzard of December 1906 swept across Scotland. The line between Dingwall and Kyle of Lochalsh on the Highland Railway was blocked for three days. In this view, a snowplow is seen attacking a snowdrift as work to proceeded to clear the line.
Elliot Junction
Elliot Junction 1906
A carriage of the local train after an express had run into the back of it in a blizzard. The accident occurred on 30 December 1906 and killed 22 people
West Hampstead
West Hampstead 1907
Two electric trains collided in thick fog at West Hampstead station. One train was standing at the platform when the following train hit it. This illustration clearly shows the effect of telescoping

Portsmouth, New Hampshire (1909)
The fireman was killed and 7 passengers were injured in May 1909 when a B & M passenger train collided with the rear of another at Portsmouth station, New Hampshire, USA.

Farmer City, Illinois (1909)
Farmer City Illinois 6th October 1909 on the Illinois Central Railroad (ICRR).
It is clearly a cornfield meet between IC "ten wheeler" 4-6-0 No 308 and a Casey Jones "American" 4-4-0 with a classic tapered boiler. The cabs of 308 and the 4-4-0 have been crushed by the vehicles of their trains. The wrecking train has been brought up behind the 4-4-0.
Charlestown 1912
Charlestown Curve Derailment
2-4-2T No.276 of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway comes to grief near Hebden Bridge

Charlottesville 1912
Charlottesville 1912
Andover (1914)
Railway officials surveying the damage after this train overan signals at Andover and smashed into some stationary livestock trucks. Although their were no human casualties, history does not record how the animals fared.
Quintinshill (1915)
The inferno that was the troop train carrying a battalion of the 7th Royal Scots to war. This accident which occurred close to Gretna Green remains the worst rail tragedy to have occurred in Britain. The battalion was decimated with 227 killed and 246 injured.

Ivanhoe (1918)
An empty troop train crashed into the rear of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus train killing 86 people on 22 June 1918.
Kings Langley
King's Langley 1935
Four goods trains were involved in this collision at King's Langley, 13 March 1935. LMS 'Patriot' class locomotive No.5511 is pictured in the foreground
York 1942
York 1942
'A4' locomotive No. 4469 'Sir Ralph Wedgewood' was badly damaged in the Baedeker air raid on York. The raid occurred on 29th April 1942 shortly after' No. 4469 had returned from Doncaster Works after a overhaul.
Harrow and Wealdstone
Harrow & Wealdstone 1952
The two locomotives shown are 4-6-0 No 45637 Windward Isles and 4-6-2 No 46202 Princess Anne after the three train collision on 8 October 1952
Union Station, Washington
Washington (1953)
This Pennsylvania RR train overan the buffers at Union Station, Washington on 15 January 1953. The locomotive and two passenger cars fell into the basement.

Irk Valley Jct, Manchester, England (1953)
15 August, 1953: The front coach of a Manchester - Bury electric train plunged from the viaduct over the River Irk, when the electric train struck a local steam train. Ten people were killed and 58 injured.

Walouru, New Zealand (1953)
The destruction to the locomotive and one of the carriages of the Auckland-Wellington express. The train fell through a gap in a bridge which had been swept away by a lehar from the erupting Mt. Ruapehu

Danushkodi, India (1964)
A freak storm hit southern India on 23 December 1964 raising a destructive tidal wave. Pictured here is what remained of an Indian narrow gauge train which was swept away as it crossed from Raneswaren Island to the mainland. All 128 passengers and crew were killed in the upturned and totally destroyed carriages
Ashfield, Australia
Ashfield, Sydney, Australia (1982)
On Friday 19 March 1982 two single deck suburban trains travelling in opposite directions on the busy six track Western Line suffered extensive damage when one car derailed and speared into the side of the other train causing several cars pf both trains to derail.
Rokko Station, Japan
Rokko Station, Japan (1984)
Rokko Station, Japan, 1984: Sanyo railway train in a sidetrack started by mistake. It crashed with Hankyu railway train dashing in a main line.
Polmont, Scotland
Polmont, Scotland (1984)
A cow which had strayed onto the line was struck by Edinburgh - Glasgow express at some 85mph. The six coach train was being pushed by a class 47 Diesel locomotive. Parts of the cow went under the wheels of the leading car, derailing it and deflecting up the embankment and causing it to face in the opposite direction. Thirteen people were killed and seventeen injured.
Hinton, Canada
Photo Popperfoto 28K
Hinton, Canada (1986)
This was the result of a passenger train being in head-on collision with a freight train which had wrongly entered the main running line instead of remaining in a passing-loop.
Look out for forthcoming feature...
PhotoPress Associates
Clapham (1988)
Faulty wiring in a signalling junction box caused an incorrect clear signal to be displayed to the driver of a Poole - Waterloo train. This then collided with the rear of another train which was stationary. The wreckage was displaced into the path of an oncoming train. Thirty-five people died.
PhotoRichard C. Logan
Saco (1988)
The summer of 1988 was particularly hot. On 5 August 1988, Amtrak train 7 derailed at Saco, Montana due to track distortion. Seven coaches were derailed with 3 turning over

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