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Miscellaneous Railway Accidents
1990 onwards

19th Century   pre-1990   Unknown Wrecks
Hanau, Germany
Hanau Germamy (1993)
On 22 March 1993, an Inter City Express (ICE) became derailed after the points were changed as the last carriage was passing over them. The incident occurred at a junction close to Hanau with the result that the main part of the train took its allotted route and the rear power car took the other. Fortunately, the train which is capable of 200km/h was moving slowly at the time.
Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Alabama (1993)
The bridge over the bayou collapsed as Amtrak's Sunset Limited was crossing on 22 September 1993. 47 people died as a result.
Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1996
Cheyenne (1996)
About 5:30 a.m., mountain standard time, on October 11, 1996, a series of collisions occurred on the Union Pacific Railroad near Cheyenne, Wyoming. The collisions occurred when a runaway cut of cars with an unmanned single locomotive on the trailing end, collided head-on with the a UP westbound freight train. Five empty ballast cars from the runaway train derailed fouling the adjacent mainline. A UP eastbound freight train travelling on the adjacent track struck a set of wheels from the derailed cars causing the derailment of their four locomotives and four sets of cars.
Kelso, Illinois, 1997
Photo: NTSB   23K
Kelso (1997)
12 January, 1997: While descending Cima Hill near Kelso, California, the engineer inadvertently activated the multiple-unit engine shutdown switch, which shut down all three locomotive unit diesel engines. This eliminated the trainís dynamic braking capability and the air brakes were unable to hold the train. It derailed at a speed in excess of 70mph.
Piacenza, Italy (1997)
A modern Pendolino tilting train was wrecked after going too fast through a curve on 12 January 1997
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Gurnee, Illinois, 1997
Photo: NTSB   32K
Gurnee (1997)
On February 7, 1997 at about 2:38 a.m., central standard time, a Union Pacific Railroad (UP) train, travelling southward from Butler Yard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Chicago, Illinois, derailed in Gurnee, Illinois. Fourteen freight cars from the 34th to the 47th left the track. There were no injuries.
Wellington, Kansas, 1997
Photo: NTSB   32K
Wellington (1997)
A UP freight train was derailed after it entered a siding at speed. The switch was incorrectly set for the siding instead of the main line after a track crew had finished working. Although no-one was hurt, there was considerable damage. The four locomotives were damaged and seven freight cars destroyed. As the train derailed, it unearthed and broke an anhydrous ammonia line, struck and destroyed a ballast regulator, damaged a tamper, and struck and ruptured two grain elevator silos.
Devine, Texas, 1997
Photo: NTSB   32K
Devine, Texas (1997)
On June 22, 1997, two Union Pacific Railroad freight trains collided head-on in Devine, Texas, killing a crewmember from each train. Two other, unidentified people, suspected to be "transients" also died.
Odem, Texas, 1997
Photo: NTSB   29K
Odem, Texas (1997)
On February 21, 1997, about 2:08 a.m., central standard time, a Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP) northbound freight train collided with the rear car of a northbound freight. The collision occurred near Odem, Texas. There were no serious injuries.
Delia, Kansas, 1997
Photo: NTSB   31K
Delia (1997)
2 July, 1997: A Union Pacific (UP) westbound freight train struck the side of a UP eastbound freight train. The collision occurred near Delia, Kansas, at the west end of Kenefick siding where the main line and the siding merge. Each train was manned by an engineer and a conductor. The engineer on the westbound train was killed, and the conductor sustained minor injuries.
Fort Worth, Texas 1997
Photo: NTSB   37K
Fort Worth, Texas (1997)
A Union Pacific Railroad (UP) 4-unit locomotive consist was travelling eastbound in an unoccupied, run-away condition, and at an estimated speed of 60 mph, collided with the lead locomotive unit of a departing westbound UP train. The collision occurred at the west end of Centennial Yard, within the city limits of Fort Worth, Texas. The accident occurred at 11:51 p.m., central daylight time, on August 20, 1997.
Shawnee, Wyoming 1997
Photo: NTSB   22K
Shawnee, Wyoming (1997)
23 August, 1997: A Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP) eastbound coal train collided with the rear car of standing Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) eastbound coal train. The collision occurred near at approximately 5:16 a.m., at Shawnee Junction, Wyoming.
Barstow, California 1997
Photo:   NTSB 21K
Barstow California (1997)
31 August, 1997: Union Pacific (UP) freight train Extra 8116 East struck the rear end of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) freight train near the BNSF classification yard at Barstow, California. All three lead locomotives, three trailing cars, and four cars of the preceding train were derailed. A small leak from one of the tank cars resulted in a cautionary restricted zone by the local emergency response. Once the product was identified and contained the restriction was removed.
Southall 1997
Photo The Sun 28K
Southall, West London(1997)
This picture shows the lead power car of the GWT Inter City 125 which smashed into a freight train which was crossing its path. The passenger train, from Cardiff and heading for London, Paddington was travelling at around 90 mph at the time of the accident. Seven people died and 160 were injured in the accident which occurred on 20 September 1997.
Southall Special Feature
Navasota, Texas, 1997
Photo: NTSB   29K
Navasota (1997)
At about 4:20 a.m., on October 29, 1997, a Union Pacific Railroad (UP) train collided with the rear car of a standing UP train at Navasota Junction. The Extra 3478 South was stopped, and setting cars out at Navasota Junction at the time of the collision.
Photo: David Johnson 77K
Robertson, Australia (1998)The enginemen died as this Australian locomotive struck a partially collapsed road overbridge. The accident which occurred at Robertson on 9 May 1998 destroyed the the cab of the National Rail locomotive. More information and pictures at www.ozemail.com.au/~trainman/robertson.htm
Concord West
Photo: Dennis Rittson 46K
Concorde, Sydney, Australia (1998)
A City Rail Tangara EMU was on its way to begin its day's duties when it was derailed at about 110km/h.

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