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Miscellaneous Railway Accidents
19th Century

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Clinton, Iowa (late 1860s?)
The date of this Clinton, Iowa incident is not known. It probably occurred in the late 1860s.
Bullo Pill
Bullo Pill, Wales
The locomotive pictured here, 4-4-0 Rob Roy was pulling the up Mail from New Milford when it ran into the back of a cattle train on 5 November, 1868. The broad gauge line was operated under the time interval system and the cattle train had stopped in the section. Thirty-six cattle were killed and reports suggest that between 3 and 8 men travelling in the rear vehicle were killed.
Wigan 1873
1 August 1873, the Euston - Scotland night Tourist Express was derailed as it travelled through Wigan Station. This contemporary illustration shows the scene immediately after the disaster. The train was thought to have been derailed on facing points.
Amble Junction
Amble Junction 1886
In March 1886, the 1020 East Coast Express became firmly lodged in a snowdrift at Amble Junction. It remained snowed-up for two days in this lonely location between Alnmouth and Morpeth.
Cambourne 1891
A broad guage locomotive of the South Devon Railway 2128 Leopard is seen here having left the rails after a heavy fall of snow blocked the line
Esholt Junction
Esholt Junction 1892
A 2-4-0 locomotive of the Midland Railway, No. 179 is lying on its side after having collided with the rear of a passenger train at Esholt Junction. The accident occurred in 1892 on the line between Leeds and Ilkley and killed 5 people.
Tasmania 1893.
Disaster at Horshoe Bridge, Tasmania - 1893. This print appeared in a supplement to the Tasmanian News Saturday, September 23rd, 1893.
Paris, Gare Montparnasse
Paris 1895.
The train from Granville ended up in the street, one floor below having overun the buffers at Gare Montparnasse on 22 October 1895
Preston 1896.
Two 2-4-0 locomotives, 2159 Shark and 275 Vulcan were in charge of a Euston - Glasgow express when this accident occurred due to excessive speed.


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