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Miscellaneous Railway Accidents
Unknown Wrecks

19th Century   pre-1990   1990 onwards
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Information about the incidents illustrated below has eluded us. If you can offer any enlightenment, please email Danger Ahead

Unknown wreck in Brazil
Unknown wreck in Brazil Railroad accident in São Paulo State, Brazil: in this photograph, kindly sent in by Paulo Cesar Bonaldo a locomotive of the Mogiana Railroad Company has come off the road and plunged down an embankment. But why? When did it happen?

Unknown US wreck #1 No information about what happened here, or where it was has come to light.

Unkown British Wreck SOLVED
"Sir Ralph Wedgewood" - victim of a bomb during WWII. It has not been possible to trace details of either the locomotive or the incident. The name was carried by A4 pacific No 60006 during BR days, but does not appear in the ABC for 1944.
The circumstances of this incident have been cleared up courtesy of Pat Cottam. The locomotive was the victim of a WWII bomb in 1942 - Click to find out more


US Wreck
SOLVED - Fairmont City - 1909

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