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Danger Ahead! York - 1942    
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York 1942
Photo: unknown
'A4' locomotive No. 4469 'Sir Ralph Wedgewood' was badly damaged in the Baedeker air raid on York. The raid occurred on 29th April 1942 shortly after' No. 4469 had returned from Doncaster Works after a overhaul.

The driving wheels were totally destroyed and a spare set had to be sent from Doncaster in order to return the loco to Doncaster. The frames and boiler were peppered with shrapnel and as there were no spare 'A4' frames it was scrapped. The tender was repaired and stored at Doncaster and used on a later 'A4'.

This photograph was in the Unknown Wrecks section of the gallery before Pat Cottam supplied the above information. Philip Atkins,librarian at National Railway Musum, York provided him with the information which is extracted from Townsend, P.N. East Coast Pacifics at Work,Ian Allen Ltd.

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