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Paddington Rail Tragedy
5 October 1999

Friday February 18.2000
The inquiry into the Paddington rail crash in which 31 people were killed and hundreds more were injured is set to open in May. Lord Cullen will open the first part of the inquiry on 10 May 2000.

Photo: AP      
Wreckage at Ladbroke Grove near Paddington station

Where does corporate responsibility go now?
by Ray State

The fiasco of the Southall court case and its effect on the delay in determining of the cause of the 1997 accident may or may not have had repercussions on the accident at Ladbroke Grove.

Rail companies could get immunity from prosecution following Paddington train crash
World Socialist Web Site 11/01/2000
A decision by Britain's Attorney General Lord Williams that all evidence presented to a public inquiry into the Paddington train disaster in London will be excluded from any future legal action means that rail companies and others suspected of corporate manslaughter could escape prosecution.
The decision makes a mockery of investigations by the British Transport Police into the crash that killed 31 people and injured 250 in October last year. Two trains collided outside Paddington station after one of them passed a partially obscured red danger signal. Initial investigations into the cause of the crash showed that under-investment by Railtrack—the company responsible for signalling and track maintenance played a significant role.

Paddington commuters offered five-day refund
This Is London 16/11/99
by Dick Murray, Transport Editor

Tens of thousands of commuters who suffered travel chaos in the wake of the Paddington rail disaster are to be offered five days' ticket refunds, it was revealed today.
The ruling sparked outrage from watchdog groups. Paddington station was shut for 16 days following the crash involving a Great Western train and a Thames commuter train on 5 October.

Online Mirror 14/11/99
Police swoop after Mirror exposes Paddington scam
A MAN dubbed Britain's sickest conman was arrested yesterday after a Mirror investigation.
Stuart Ashley, 24, posed as a Paddington rail disaster victim and stood to gain thousands in compensation from Great Western and Thames Trains.

Are We Safe in Their Hands?
. . . in allowing Chris Leah the Operations Director Railtrack to talk freely, Panorama actually succeeded in exposing the true problem with Britain's railways.

Second HSE Interim Report
Health & Safety Executive

Beware the Paddington witch hunt
This Is London - 13 Oct 99
by Paul Barker
Now who can we find to pin the blame on? In the aftermath of the terrible train crash at Paddington, the great British game of Find the Scapegoat is well under way. Various candidates were quickly identified.

Cost of Life - a poem by the Poet Laureate
12 Oct 99
"I felt the poem was something I could do as Poet Laureate but also there was a poem there to be written and it was something that I wanted to do."

Index of Reports
Train crash survivors demand action on ATP
07 Nov 99
Survivors and relatives of victims of the Paddington and Southall rail accidents demonstrated in Trafalgar Square yesterday (6 November) to demand increased spending on safety for Britain's Railways.
Railtrack under fire over profits
04 Nov 99
Railtrack, Britain's railway infrastructure owner-operator came under attack again today (4 November) as it announced half yearly profits of £236 m.
Comment:Are We Safe in Their Hands?
03 Nov 99
Panorama prides itself on being in the forefront of investigative journalism. However, as a piece of leading exposé of the circumstances leading up to the Ladbroke Grove accident there was little new.
2nd interim report says signal could be obscured
29 Oct 99
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today released a second interim report into the accident at Ladbroke Grove Junction on 5 October, in which 30 people died and over 250 were injured.

New safety measures for UK railways agreed
26 Oct 99
Following a meeting yesterday (25 October) between Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and Britain's railway organisations a number of important safety measures have been agreed.
Paddington station to re-open
20 Oct 99
Paddington station is to re-open on Wednesday, October 20, 1999 despite warnings from an expert in railway signalling that half of the signals at the approaches to the station are dangerous.
Expert says half of Paddington's signals are dangerous
19 Oct 99
An expert in railway signalling has declared that half of the signals on the approach to Paddington station are dangerous
Crash train driver may have thought signal was green
14 Oct 99
The driver of the Thames Trains "Turbo" train which collided with a GWT IC 125 killing at least 30 people last week may have thought that the danger signal that he passed was showing green
Death toll now believed to be less than 40
10 Oct 99
The death toll is likely to be between 30 and 40 in the tragic collision between two crowded trains near Paddington station on 5 October 1999
Railtrack to loose safety role
10 Oct 99
Railtrack is to have its role removed of overseeing safety on Britain's railways. The company may also loose other responsibilities it has concerning safety.
Search Begins of burnt-out carriage
09 Oct 99
Searching has today begun of the burnt-out lead-carriage of the GWT IC 125 express that collided with a commuter train on 5 October
First HSE interim report
08 Oct 99
This is the first interim response to HSC's request for an investigation and report under section 14(2)(a) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.
Death toll remains uncertain as burnt-out carriage awaits examination
07 Oct 99
Authorities remain uncertain of the final death death toll in the rail crash near Paddington on Tuesday. Police have however confirmed that 30 people are known to have died, but the final figure is likely to be higher.
All roads lead to Ladbroke Grove by Ray State
07 Oct 99
In the talk about Automatic Train Protection the combination of other events and actions taken by unconnected groups which conspired to make Ladbroke Grove inevitable must not be forgotten.
Paddington Rail Tragedy - Driver error possbile cause of disaster
06 Oct 99
Railtrack has anounced that the signalling system at the scene of the collision between two trains on Tuesday was working correctly and that the Great Western Trains IC 125 approaching London was running under green signals.
27 Now known to have died
06 Oct 99
Twenty-seven people have now been confirmed to have been killed according to a statement from the Metropolitan Police this morning.
Death toll of 26 is likely to rise
05 Oct 99
The death toll in the collison between two crowded trains at Ladbroke Grove near London's Paddington station is likely to rise beyond the 26 already known to have died.
Rail industry accepts full responsibility
05 Oct 99
The Railway industry today accepted full responsibility for the dreadful incident which occurred at 08.10 this morning outside Paddington Station. They said that the industry would work together to do everything to ensure there was a full investigation into the causes and that any lessons learned would be followed through immediately.
Death toll rises to 26 Dead in Paddington Tragedy
05 Oct 99
Twenty-six people are now known to have died in the accident at Ladbroke Grove near Paddinton this morning. Police say there may be more bodies trapped in the wreckage.
Deputy PM announces public inquiry into tragic rail accident
05 Oct 99
Britain's deputy prime minister, John Prescott has ordered a public inquiry into the tragic Paddington rail accident today.
8 confirmed dead in rush hour train collision near Paddington station
05 Oct 99
Eight people have been confirmed dead in a collision today between an express passenger train and a commuter train close to Paddington station in London.
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