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Search begins of burnt out carriage
09 Oct 99

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Paddington Rail Tragedy - Death toll now believed to be less than 40

  : Sunday, October 10, 1999
The death toll is likely to be between 30 and 40 in the tragic collision between two crowded trains near Paddington
photo: bbc
station on 5 October 1999

During a search of Carriage H, which was completely destroyed by fire, only one further body has been found. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Trotter of the Metropolitan Police said "we don't think we are going to find any more. Our current estimate is that the majority of people escaped from there."

A search of the carriage by pathologists has been going on for the last two days. They have slowly sifted through the ash on the base of the coach which was as much as 2 feet deep. Papers such as cheque books and letters have been found suggesting that the temperature of the fire may not have have reached the 1200° Celsius as previously thought, but may have been 600°. The papers and other personal items found may help to establish the identities of the bodies mot yet identified.

Although there remain a number of people missing, many of those originally reported to the police have been traced. There remains one fear that there may still be a number of bodies trapped under the carriage which is due to be moved by a crane erected beside the line. It is now thought that most of those originally thought to have been missing had probably not been travelling on either of the trains.

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