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Issue #8                                                    February 1999

Editor: David Fry,
Publisher: Danger Ahead!

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  1. Introduction
  2. New Articles
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1. Introduction

Welcome to the February edition of Stop signal! I'd like to apologise if you are receiving this email twice. Unless you have signed up more than once, the reason for this is that the transfer of the mailing list to website postoffice is not yet complete. To ensure that all subscribers receive
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2. New Articles

>>Wreck of the Tamiami Champion<<

The Tamiami Champion was one of the most prestigious trains on the Atlantic Lines. It conveyed commuters between
Washington and New York in considerable comfort. On 16 December 1943, while racing through North Carolina, both the Northbound and the Southbound trains met in catastrophic

>>Granville New South Wales Australia<<

The article on the Granville accident has been extensively updated. Part One of the revised version has been posted to the web site, which deals with the circumstances and the rescue. Part Two will be posted soon and examines the

3. In the News

Recently reported at Danger Ahead! . . .

Reports that have been published at Danger Ahead during January and February
Sacremento, USA: Headon collision on light rail system
Indiana, USA: Explosives train derails

Great Britain UK: Poor training led to derailment
Pakistan: 10 killed in rail crossing crash
Great Britain: Unsafe Signals Fear
Crosby Garret, Cumbria: Collision on SettleCarlisle line
Eschede, Germany: Damaged points may have contributed to ICE crash
AbuZeid, Sudan: 7 killed in Sudanese train collision
London Bridge Station: Collision of 2 commuter trains
Tiefa, China: Collision between passenger and freight trains 24 killed

4. Branch Line

Worth a visit: Some rail related sites on the WWW

>>Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway<<

The most beautiful train journey in England. Situated in the English Lake District this 15" Narrow Gauge Railway
carries passengers from the old Roman Port of Ravenglass...

>>HMRS (Historical Model Railway Society)<<

The Website for UK historic railway modelling

>>Bellarine Peninsula Railway<<

The Homepage of the Bellarine Peninsula Railway, Geelong's own historic railway. Step back in time as you board the antique carriages for a lovely journey to historic Drysdale

5. Site Notes

>>Railway Post Office<<

The Railway Post office is a new area that has been created at the Danger Ahead! web site. This provides a single access point to message services available from the site the new
Signalpost Mail, Railway Postcards and Stop signal.

>>Signalpost Mail<<

A web based email account can be very useful. Not only can it provide a second or additional address, but because you use a web browser rather than an email client to access it you can send and read email even when you are away
from your own computer.

Now, Danger Ahead! has its own email service Signalpost Mail. This provides a fast web based account with a host of features. It boasts support for 10 languages (more coming soon), HTML and attachments. You can manage your email using as many folders as you wish to create. It even provides a
facility to read POP3 mail stored on your ISP's mail server.

>>Stop Signal Mailing List<<

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6. Tail Lamp

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7. Web Site Picks

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8. Classified Ads

the online Railway Book Shop.

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9. Subscription Management

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10. Contact Information

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