Issue #5 - August 1998

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What's in this issue:
  • A bad time in India
  • ICE tragedy - Special Feature
  • Sunshine Disaster
  • New in the Gallery
  • Branch Line (Rail accidents and other railway stuff on the WWW)
  • Searches at Danger Ahead!
  • Site Notes
  • Tail Lamp

A bad time in India
The last week of July was a particularly bad one for India's Central Southern Railway as it sustained accidents to two of its express trains. Both the Visakha Express and the Narayanadri Express were derailed, fortunately without loss of life or serious injury. The Narayanadri Express derailment is thought to have been caused by a deliberate act of sabotage.
Sengal was less fortunate in the consequences of a derailment of a freight train on 18 July. In this incident about which I have few details, five people are thought to have been killed.
 Read about these at

ICE tragedy - Special Feature
The cause of this accident has been the subject of much speculation and questions which only the result of the Inquiry will answer. This Danger Ahead! Special Feature is the product of considerable research which seeks to provide a review of the current knowledge of the incident. It does not attempt to provide any answers although it may raise some in the minds of its readers.
The item is a true hyper-text document that makes full use of HTML. Although the file size is quite large, the new server which is extremely fast ensures that the download times are acceptable. It does require a browser that is tables-aware and javascript capable (although NOT java) to gain the full effect. There is a plain-text version which visitors who have a slow connection or an older browser may wish to access instead.
Visit the site soon and feel free to let me have your comments
about this Special Feature

Sunshine Disaster
Braybrook Junction in Australia was sometimes called Sunshine. It was here, in 1908 that four people were killed when two Melbourne bound trains were in collision. A brief article about this has been posted to the site. However, my information is very scant. If you know more about this incident, please let me know.

New in the Gallery
Recently added to the Gallery are images of accidents at Wigan (1873), Paris - Montparnasse Station (1895) and Harrow & Wealdstone (1952). More images are on their way and will be added over the next week.

Branch Line
West New York Railroad Archive
A link to this site has recently been added to the Departure Board. WNYRR Archive has loads of material from the last century about RRs in the NY area. They are original documents which the site owner has converted into HTML and posted in his CLIPPINGS section. There is a large number of contemporary newspaper articles which make fascinating reading. I contributed heavily to British Telecom's profits during my visit to the site.
See it for yourself -
Chuffington and Oval Light Railway
It was on the night of 5 November 1997 that a home-made firework destroyed much of this intrepid preserved railway. Read more. Join their preservation society (FREE) at
nb You can visit the General Manager's virtual office - but DO NOT open the confidential file!!!

Site Notes
Searches at Danger Ahead
The new site search engine is now up and running. Unlike the previous engine I have written it myself and it is located in a directory on the site. The advantager of this is that it runs and returns results relatively quickly. It scans all the douments on the site and compares any search-words provided with the complete text of these files. If you have any problems with it, please let me know.
Hard Hats Please
There's still some loose wiring at Danger Ahead! but we're trying to get it cleared-up as quickly as we can. Should you stumble across some - broken links etc, I'd be grateful if you would let me know so that we can get in there and sort it out.
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Tail Lamp
Danger Ahead! moved to a new server on July 4th and to celebrate a firework display was featured on the front page. This multi-media java program was running over the weekend until midnight GMT on the Monday. If you missed it, it is still possible to see it. Just point your browser at
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