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20 Dec 1999

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Australia NSW:
Empty train derails stranding Sydney commuters

  Monday, December 21, 1999

An empty train that was derailed near Sydney's Waverton station caused chaos for commuters on the South Shore Line yeaterday (20 December 1999).

Forgetful express driver misses station stop
Daily Telegraph 22 Dec 1999

AN InterCity express train driver yesterday "forgot" to stop at a major station as State Rail confirmed its growing incidence of trains running late.
The train missed Blacktown station annoying to commuters rather than dangerous.

The Cityrail Tangara train, which was not in service was being transferred to the Lavender Bay siding when it apparently passed a red light. It became derailed after passing through trap points. These points are intended to ensure that a train which fails to stop at a stop signal does not enter a track where it would encounter a train coming form the opposite direction.

The incident occurred at 08:31 yesterday during the height of the morning rush hour causing disruption to service on the North Shore line. A crowd of more than 1000 people built up a Waveton station.

State Rail has announced that it has ordered an enquiry into the recent spate of incidents in the Sydney area, including the Glenbrook disaster in which 7 people died. This is to be undertaken by a British rail safety expert.

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Web sources:
Red light system puts train off tracks
Daily Telegraph 21 Dec 1999

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