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Lakeshore Limited


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Amtrak's Lakeshore Limited derails injuring 14

  : Sunday, July 25, 1999
Rensselaer: An Amtrak train was derailed at Rensselaer station on Saturday July 24 1999 injuring 14 peopleAn Amtrak train was derailed at Rensselaer station on Saturday July 24 1999 injuring 14 people.
The Chicago to New York and Boston "Lakeshore Limited" carrying 105 people plus 6 crew was being separated into different portions. A locomotive was attempting to connect to one of these when the incident occurred at about 17:30. Two passenger cars and a cafe car were derailed. Four crew members were among the injured. None of the injuries were serious.

In Rensselaer, the train is split into two parts. One portion is connected to a train bound for New York City, while a locomotive is connected to the other, bound for Boston. This is a routine daily operation and an Amtrak spokesperson said that the train was moving at a very slow speed. However, according to an Associated Press report one witness said that the train was going too fast when it collided with the second train.

The Lakeshore Limited, which skirts the Great Lakes as it travels between some of America's most famous cities celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year.

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