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Disaster on Train 59
Wreck of the City of New Orleans

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Amtrak 'City of New Orleans' disaster - 15 March 1999

Index of Reports

USA: In the evening of Monday March 15,1999 Amtrak's Chicago - New Orleans express the 'City of New Orleans was in collision with a truck on a crossing at Bourbonnais, Ill.
Index of Reports
21/05/99 Last of Illinois train crash victims go home (CNN)
14/05/99 Gov't. Accuses Amtrak Crash Driver (AP)
14/05/99 USA: Coroner rules that Amtrak deaths were accidental
19/03/99 USA: Questions remain unanswered in Amtrak crash
17/03/99 USA: Train crash - evidence mounts against trucker
17/03/99 City of New Orleans crash - Investigators begin probe
17/03/99 Death toll revised to 11 in Amtrak crash
16/03/99 13 die in Amtrak Illinois Train Crash
16/03/99 Death toll now 12 in 'City of New Orleans' train crash
16/03/99 City of New Orleans derailed after collision with truck

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