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Paddington Rail Tragedy - Railtrack's problem signals

  : Saturday, October 09, 1999
Following Tuesday's (5 October) collision between two rush hour trains in which more than 40 people lost their lives Railtrack has announced that a total of 22 signals, throughout the system have a poor record of SPADs (Signal Passed At Danger). Signal sn109 which was passed by the Thames Trains driver at Ladbroke Grove had had 8 such occurrences. However, ten other signals have an even worse record.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has ordered Railtrack, the company responsible for the rail infrastructue to stop using the signal until sighting proplems are corrected.

Signals with more than 6 SPADs since 1 Jan 1997
Signal Location SPADs
S862 Swinton, near Mexborough, S Yorks 16
L487 Shenfield, Essex 15
B141 Filton Junction, Bristol 12
SJ89 Stourbridge Junction, West Midlands 11
T22 Norwood Junction, south London 11
MP503 Ordsall Lane, Wigan, Greater Manchester 11
SN63 Subway Junction, Paddington, west London 10
YH536 Westerton Junction, Strathclyde, Scotland 10
MP324 Ardwick Junction, Manchester 10
ML108 Birkdale, Merseyside 9
WS307 Harrow and Wealdstone, north-west London 8
MP332 Ardwick, Manchester 8
CO328 East Suffolk Junction, near Ipswich 8
Y304 York station 8
SN109 Ladbroke Grove 8
W16 Waterloo, south London 8
L100 Bethnal Green, east London 8
E744 Southampton 8
EV407 Jamestown, Fife, Scotland 8
CA483 Chippenham Junction, Newmarket, Suffolk 7
MP643 Lockstoc Junction, Greater Manchester 7
MP64 Longsight, Manchester 7
A team of independent experts has been appointed to investigate the role of Railtrack in regulating safety on the Britain's railways. This is a separate inquiry from that which is to be headed by Lord Cullen into Tuesday's disaster near Paddington.

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