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Belarus stampede kills 54
BBC On-line 31 May 99

At Least 54 Belarussians Dead In Stampede
Go News 31 May 99

Stampede in Minsk Leaves 54 Dead
Yahoo News 31 May 99

Belarusian rail station stampede kills dozens
CNN Interactive 30 May 99

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Belarus: 54 die in Minsk underground station

  :Monday, May 31, 1999
Fifty four people are now known to have died and more than 100 injured as revellers from a rock concert and beer festival sought
Photo: BBC
The tunnel in which 54 people died
shelter from a sudden hailstorm.

Reports suggest that up to 2000 people tried to cram into the access tunnel to Nyamiha underground station in the Belarusian capital Minsk. A spokesman said that people kept forcing their way into the tunnel, unaware of what was happening inside.

Amongst the dead are 42 teenage girls and a policeman who had been trying to control the crowd. The government has declared today to be a national day of mourning.

Early reports about the number of dead were confused. Initially the Health Ministry stated that only 17 people had been killed. However unofficial sources, including eyewitnesses estimated that the death toll was 40 or 50.

The event which was held in a sports stadium was staged by the Mir radio station to celebrate its second anniversary. As many as 10,000 people attended.

Earlier story: 40 killed in Minsk underground station

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