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Train - car crash demo - chilling reminder to motorists

  : Wednesday, October 27, 1999
In a chilling demonstration a collision between a train and a van in Los Angeles today (27 October) emphasised the

photo: cbs
. . . a train versus a vehicle is like a car versus a soda can
danger of trying to beat the train at crossings.

The collision was staged by Metrolink to publicise a new state law that more than doubles the fine for rail crossing violations from $104 to $271. The event, which was orchestrated by Holywood stuntmen using pyrotechnic effects recreated an incident that occurred 3 years ago in the San Fernando Valley. A mother and her daughter were killed when their vehicle was struck by a train.

A van containing a crash dummy was parked on a crossing, straddling the rail line. A train consisting of two locomotives and 2 freight cars collided with the van at about 30 mph. The dummy, which was in the driver's seat was thrown out of the vehicle and decapitated. The van was pushed along the rail track for about 50 yards and burst into flames.

Commenting on the collision, Detective James Martino said "The comparison of a train versus a vehicle is like a car versus a soda can".

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