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Southern California's Commuter Rail System

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Car versus train collision to be staged in downtown Los Angeles, October 27

Metrolink : Friday,October 22, 1999
State Officials and Local Rail Agencies Publicize Increased Fine for Motorists Who Risk Death at Railroad Crossings

Contact: Peter Hidalgo (213) 452-0233

LOS ANGELES, CA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1999: The horrific consequences of challenging a moving train at a railroad crossing will be demonstrated on Wed., Oct. 27 when a van carrying crash test dummies will collide with a freight train locomotive in a dramatic staged crash coordinated by a Hollywood stunt team. The crash demonstration will provide a warning to motorists who risk death, ignore railroad crossing warnings, and are lucky enough to live: The price of this risky "stunt" is going up.

A bill recently signed by Gov. Gray Davis will raise the penalty for motorist violations at railroad crossings from $104 to $271 beginning Jan. 1. Those are the same fines paid by motorists caught violating carpool lane rules or running red lights.

A downtown L.A., dramatic, real-life collision between a freight train and passenger van will demonstrate the graphic results of motorists trying to beat a train. Crash test dummies will be placed inside the van. Hollywood stunt coordinators ensure the safety of the demonstration.

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1999 - 9:45 A.M.
WHERE: Event for News Media only, please call for exact location.
NOTICE: Safety Requirements - news media must wear thick-soled, enclosed shoes such as boots. Best when walking on railroad track ballast
WHO: Assembly Member Robert Hertzberg, (D-Van Nuys)
Sarah L. Catz, Former Metrolink Board Chairman and current member
Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke, MTA Board Chair (invited)
Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County

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