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Eight killed as train derails
The Hindu 05 Jun 99

Six killed, 60 injured in India train derailment
Go News 04 Jun 99

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India: Track fault caused Godavari Express crash killing 8

: Saturday, June 05, 1999
Faulty track welds may have caused caused the derailment of the Visakhapatnam to Secunderabad Godavari
Train crash
photo: The Hindu
Wreck of the Godavari Express on 04 June 1999
on Friday, according to India's Railway Minister.

The accident occurred at about 0315 on 4 June 1999 near Kazipet between Ippuguda and Ghanpur. The train was travelling at about 95 km/h when the driver noticed an unusual noise and applied the brakes. Fourteen carriages derailed, five of which overturned. A number of the coaches rode over and crushed a first-class, air-conditioned coach marshalled at the front of the train.

According to press reports in India 8 people were killed in the derailment. Earlier reports had indicated that there had been as many as fourteen deaths. A further 60 people were injured. Among the dead was the Education Minister for Andhra Pradesh - Devineni Venkataramana.

It was in 1st Class AC coach that all the deaths and the most serious injuries occurred. The damage to the carriage was so severe that only 3 bodies could be recovered immediately. Rescue workers using flame-cutting tools finally reached the remaining five bodies in the late evening.

Earlier Story:

14 dead as Godavari Express derails

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