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Death toll rises to 4 in Jo'burg rail crash

  : Saturday, October 16, 1999
Four people are now known to have died in a collision between a commuter train and a freight train near
Johannesburg, South Africa.

The revised toll came as 3 more bodies were removed from the wreckage. The number of people injured was 16. Nine of the them, including a child were detained in hospital overnight.

The accident occurred in Riverlea, west of Johannesburg between New Canada and Crown stations yesterday (15 October). It came at 15:50 (local time) during the afternoon rush hour. The passenger train was en route to Naledi and Dube in Soweto and would have been full of commuters. The freight train had stopped at a red signal when the passenger train crashed into the rear. The imact of the collision caused one of the carriages (a first class coach) to rise into the air and land on the following carriage.

Two employees of Spoornet were amongst those that died.

It is not known at present why the commuter train, operated by Metro Rail did not stop.

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