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Train derails at virginia Water

 DA! : Thursday October 26, 2000
A train was derailed at Virginia Water station on Thursday October 26 after passing a red danger signal.
It was the third such incident within 10 days. The derailment, involving a local train, occurred near Virginia Water station in Surrey, southwest of London, said a spokesman for Railtrack Group, which owns Britain's railroad lines and stations. Three passengers were treated for shock.

Railtrack said the derailment Thursday was probably caused by "adhesion problems between the train and the rails." Four railcars were derailed but remained upright. Such adhesion difficulties can be caused by wet leaves on the line.

The incident occurred in the wake of delays and cancellations as Railtrack imposed speed restrictions across the network. Safety checks are being carried out after last week's derailment of a high-speed train near Hatfield in which four people died.

ITN: Derailment is latest train mishap

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