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Hatfield Derailment
17 October 2000

 DA! : Tuesday, 21-Nov-2000 11:03:53 EST
On Tuesday
photo : bbc online
GNER Intercity 225 train derailed at 115 mph


In pictures: the crash site BBC Online

October 17, 2000 an Intercity 225 train travelling between London and Leeds was derailed near Hatfield station.

Four people were killed and 30 injured in the derailment which occurred on 17 October 2000. The 12:10 London, Kings Cross to Leeds train left the rails near Hatfield station about 16 miles north of London. The Great North Eastern Railways Intercity 225 trainset was travelling at or close to the line speed of 115 mph.

The train, an Intercity 225 set was carrying about 100 passengers and 10 staff. The train comprised of a Class 91 locomotive, 8 Mark IV passengers carriages, a buffet car, and a Driving Trailer.

Index of Reports

UK: Hatfield inquests adjourned as police may press charges
21 Nov 2000
West Coast mainline closes for safety checks
24 Oct 2000
Report says broken rail most likely cause of disaster
21 Oct 2000
Broken rail suspected in Hatfield crash
18 Oct 2000
HSC chair directs immediate investigation following train derailment at Hertfordshire
18 Oct 2000
4 reported killed in 100mph derailment
18 Oct 2000

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