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Alpine Train Fire Tragedy - new clue

DA! : Monday November 15, 2000
A new clue as to
Kaprun 11 Nov 2000
photo : reut/eXcite
Kaprun 11 Nov 2000

Austrian train tragedy (BBC Online)

the cause of the tragic train fire at Kaprun has emerged as rescuers complete the recovery of 128 bodies from the tunnel.
Accident investigators are focusing on the possibility that a fault may have caused the fire before the train entered the tunnel.

Police have found an oily substance, similar in consitancy to lubricants that appeared to have dripped from the car on the ramp leading into the tunnel.

Accounts from eyewitnesses have have caused investigators to suspect that the fire had started before the car entered the tunnel.

The death toll is now believed to be 155 making it the worst peace-time tragedy in Austria. Major Franz Lang, who is leading the investigation into the disaster, told a news conference he was "99% certain" that the final death toll was 155.

BBC Online: Austria body recovery nears end 15/11/2000

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Photographs of the Gletscherbahn Kaprun, Austria

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