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Rescuers begin grim task

DA! : Monday November 13, 2000
Rescue workers today began
Kaprun 11 Nov 2000
photo : reut/eXcite
Kaprun 11 Nov 2000

Austrian train tragedy (BBC Online)

the grim task of removing the bodies of those killed in Saturday's train fire beneath the Austrian Alps.
As the official death toll rose to 159, the first 29 victims were brought out this morning. The first of these are believed to be people who had attempted to escape from the front of the train and had headed uphill. They were however overcome by smoke which being drawn upwards through tunnel which acted like a giant chimney.

Evidence of the intense heat that was generated is apparent inside the tunnel. The floor of the cable-hauled funicular car has melted away. The task of the rescuers has been made more complicated as bodies of the victims and the car have melted together.

According to police investgator, Major Fritz Lang "We have to cut out, to dissect, each victim.".

Facial features and distinguishing marks are no longer visible on many of the victims. DNA matching will have to be used for the iIdentification of many of the bodies. Relatives have supplied toothbrushes and razors to provide samples of tissue.

Ananova: Rescue teams find bodies melted together 12/11/2000

BBC Online: How could it have happened? 12/11/2000

Orfon: Wrack doht immer noch abzurollen 12/11/2000

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Photographs of the Gletscherbahn Kaprun, Austria

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