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Paddington rail crash inquiry set to close

Ananova : Wednesday Novemeber 20, 2000
The public inquiry into the Paddington rail crash which killed 31 people is set to come to an end.
Following months of evidence from railway chiefs and crash survivors, inquiry chairman Lord Cullen will hear closing submissions before retiring to compile his report which will outline what lessons can be learned by tragedy.

The lengthy inquiry, in London's Westminster Central Hall, has been heard in two parts: the first started in May and ran until September considering the cause of the crash, the second opened in October ending with general matters of railway safety.

Evidence from more than 460 people has been heard, including rail chiefs, witnesses, victims and the emergency services.

In between the two parts, Lord Cullen also presided over a separate inquiry which looked at issues common to the Ladbroke Grove and the 1997 Southall crashes.

At the opening of the inquiry, he said: "We should never lose sight of how it was that this inquiry came to be set up.

Ananova: Paddington rail crash inquiry set to close 20/12/2000

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