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LPG train derails

  Erik Sandblöm : Sunday April 9, 2000
Six freight cars filled with liquified
Borlange, Sweden
petroleum gas derailed and tipped over in Borlänge, Sweden (about 300 km northwest of Stockholm) on Saturday morning (08 April) at 02:30. Each car contains 54 metric tonnes of LPG but none started leaking.
The station and central Borlänge were declared off-limits to the public, and thousands of people will probably be evacuated on Monday when works starts on emptying the cars.

The driver is suspected to have been drunk and having driven faster than the 30 km/h limit. If he had more than 0,2 per mille alchohol in his blood, he risks a fine or a maximum of six months in jail.

The train was run by private BSM Järnväg for SSAB which uses the LPG for heating steel.

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Web sources:
Six freight cars with liquified petroleum gas derailed
Erik's Rail News 08 Apr 2000
Tågolyckan i Borlänge: Eventuell bärgning i morgon
Expressen 08 Apr 2000

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