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Lillestrøm train fire - explosion risk recedes

  : Wednesday April 6, 2000
The risk of an explosion from a burning propane train has lessened today (06 April) as burning gas
photo: Aftenposten
from a fractured rail tanker gradually burns off.
As firefighters continue to douse adjacent tanker cars with water, they say that the fire is no longer raising the temperature to the point where propane in other tankers could explode. It is not yet certain when some 3000 people evacuated from the area will be able to return home.

Brake failure is being blamed for the collision between the two Norwegian trains which collided at about 01:00 yesterday (05 April). It happened when a tanker train carrying 104 tonnes of propane ran into the back of another train standing at Lillestrøm station. No one was hurt in the accident.

The accident should have been prevented as the line is equipped with an Automatic Train Protection system that brings a train to a halt if it fails to heed a stop signal. Officials of Norwegian Railways say that the train did not stop because its brakes had failed.

The accident happened on one of Norway's busiest rail routes. All rail services along the line were cancelled including those to Oslo Airport.

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05 Apr 2000
Explosion fear as trains collide
05 Apr 2000
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