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The Zugspitze

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German rack railway collision - 13 hurt

  : Sunday, August 01, 1999
Two trains have collided on a mountain railway in the Bavarian Alps injuring thirteen people.
Zugspitze (2,962m) - the highest mountain in Germany
The accident occurred on Saturday July 31 on a rack railway which climbs Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze (2,962m). A train which was descending the railway came to a halt close to a tunnel due to a mechanical problem. A second train, on the same line failed to stop and collided with the first.

None of the 13 people injured is believed to have been seriously hurt.

Rack railways are used in steep mountain locations where normal adhesion between the wheels and the track is a problem. They are so called because they utilise a rack laid between the two running lines. A pinion on the locomotive engages with the rack providing traction and enabling trains to tackle very steep gradients.

Zugspitze in south central Germany, is part of the Wettersteingebirge Range of the Bavarian Alps. Situated near the border with Austria, it is 2962 m (9718 ft) high and is the highest mountain in Germany. At the base of its northern face is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a popular winter resort.

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