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Siemens Transportation Systems Inc

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Siemens-MATRA Selected to Lead the Train Control Revolution in New York

Siemens Transportation Systems Inc : Tuesday, November 23, 1999

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of New York has awarded a $135 million contract to Siemens Transportation Systems-MATRA Transport International to install a modern communication-based train control system for the Canarsie Line of the New York City Transit (NYCT) system. The train control system is based on proven technology that Siemens-MATRA has developed and installed on the Paris Metro Meteor Line, and it is one of the most modern systems in the world. Team members Union Switch and Signal and L.K. Comstock will play a major role in the implementation of the project.

NYCT was involved in prototyping and evaluating three competing systems during the last two years before deciding on the Siemens-MATRA technology to supply the communications-based train control system in New York.

The new system, which will be installed during the next four years without interrupting the revenue service of the subway system, will improve safety and increase train throughput of the existing New York subway. Further, the technology will set the standard for modernization of the entire New York City rail transit network.

"We are extremely proud to have been selected to supply this leading technology and to lead this train control revolution together with the NYCT in New York," said Roelof van Ark, president and CEO of Siemens Transportation Systems Inc. "This is our second major success in this region -- MATRA is already supplying the SACEM train control and signaling system for the Tren Urbano project in Puerto Rico, a $700 million turnkey project for which Siemens is a major contractor."

Siemens-MATRA now has contracts for modern train control systems in most of the major subways of the world, including Mexico City, Paris and now New York. Recently, Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway Corp. signed a contract with Siemens-MATRA for the train control system on one of its lines.

MATRA Transport International, a worldwide leader in signaling and control systems for radio communication-based signaling (CBS) technology, is a Siemens subsidiary based in Paris, France. MATRA's automatic train control (ATC) systems have been fully proven in service on major urban transit lines throughout the world.

Siemens Transportation Systems Inc. is headquartered in Sacramento, Calif. The company provides a broad spectrum of products and services to the U.S. rail industry, including communication and management control centers, traction electrification systems, turnkey systems, AC traction locomotives and mass transit vehicles. Siemens is the leading supplier of light rail cars in North America, with more than 400 rail vehicles operating in 10 cities. Its mass transit vehicle manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Sacramento and Carson, Calif. Siemens employs 64,000 in the US with a business of $14 billion. Its parent firm is Siemens AG, the pioneering electronics giant with more than 400,000 employees worldwide and global sales of nearly $70 billion. For more information, visit the company's web site at

Siemens is a registered trademark of Siemens AG. SOURCE Siemens Transportation Systems Inc.

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