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Ensuring that 'All Aboard!' Means Everyone

  : Wednesday, November 24, 1999

E*billboards(SM) on NJ TRANSIT Platforms Will Give Deaf and Hard of Hearing Riders Essential Information.
An innovative public-private partnership will enable Deaf and Hard of Hearing commuters to get up-to-date information when they ride the rails in New Jersey thanks to an agreement recently concluded by NJ TRANSIT and Next Generation Network, Inc.

NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Jeffrey A. Warsh said: "This program is part of our larger effort to improve front-line communications with our 96,000 daily rail riders, including our hearing-impaired riders. In addition to train service updates, our customers will receive news, sports, weather, community events and other information in text form -- at no cost to NJ TRANSIT -- via television information displays that will be prominently displayed on our train station platforms."

Working with NJ TRANSIT, NGN designed a system to provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing riders with up-to-date information at 40 stations regarding the status of trains on the system. NGN monitors will provide information about delays at the bottom of the screens in a format similar to "closed captioning."

"This agreement sends a strong signal to NJ TRANSIT's riders that 'All Aboard' means everyone," said Tom Pugliese, Chief Executive Officer of NGN. "We congratulate NJ TRANSIT for using our E*billboards(SM) solution that is a 'win' for riders, a 'win' for NJ TRANSIT and an exceptional opportunity to extend our E*billboards network to an even broader audience."

The agreement brings the stations into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The company and NJ TRANSIT will share revenues generated by advertising carried on the E*billboards(SM). NJ TRANSIT is the nation's third- largest transit provider carrying 352,000 daily bus, rail and light rail passengers to destinations in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

NGN's E*billboards(SM) are a national network of Internet enabled digital video screens. E*billboards(SM) currently provide information, e-tainment and targeted advertising to consumers 36 million times each week while they wait in line. E*billboards(SM) are the high resolution monitors seen in major markets throughout the United States in more than 5000 coffee shops, lobby shops, convenience stores, Hispanic markets, elevators, gas pumps and transit hubs. Using award winning targeting and tracking software, E*billboards(SM) can be updated instantly and targeted precisely.

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