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US heritage steam mishaps

  : Saturday, July 03, 1999
Two US steam locomotives came to grief during rail festivals in June.

Frisco 1522

The St. Louis Steam Train Association's former Frisco 4-8-2 became derailed on a curve on BNSF tracks at St Louis on 18 June 1999. The locomotive is thought to have suffered some bearing damage and possibly damage to its axles. It was however able to proceed, to Galesburg, at reduced speed where it took part in Railroad Days. The locomotive could not however haul two excursion trains that had been planned and diesel power was substituted.

The incident occurred on its first day back in traffic after undergoing a 2 year repair programme. This had been nessecitated by wheel bearing failure whilst engaged in hauling a BNSF special in 1997.

Union Pacific 844

Union Pacific's 4-8-4 steam locomotive No 844 suffered a boiler tube failure whilst on display at the Railfair '99 festival in Sacremento. the incident occurred on 24 June 1999 while the the locomotive was in steam at the riverside walkway. At least one tube failed expelling steam into the cab causing minor burns to a crewmember. No member of the public was hurt.

After the festival, No 844 was returned to its base in Cheyenne, Wyoming under tow where it will be repaired.

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