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MYANMUR (Burma):
5 die as trains collide

  Monday, December 6, 1999

Five people are believed to have been killed in a collision between 2 trains near the nation's capital Yangon.
It is understood that a local train from Bago struck the rear of a Yangon to Mandalay express train which had stopped at a danger signal. The accident occurred on Friday 17 December 1999 at Toegyaung Galay.

Estimates of the casulaties vary considerably as sources are fearful of the consequences of talking ot reporters. A passenger on one of the trains said that possibly 5 people had been killed. Another source suggests that the figure may be higher. Reports of the number of injured vary between 10 and 33.

Web sources:
More than 30 believed injured in Myanmar train crash
Tampa Bay Online 22Dec 1999


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