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Southall: Judge declares train company prosecution unsafe
01 Jul 99

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Manslaughter charges for Railtrack over man's death

  : Wednesday, July 28, 1999
Railtrack has been charged with manslaughter when a man who was using a telephone was struck and killed by a passing train.
The accident occurred on the Stockport to Manchester line. The man, a train driver was using the telephone at a signal to report a problem when he was knocked down and killed by an express train.

Railtrack had apparently been told that the telephone was too close to the railway line in 1993, almost two years before the accident. The company had taken no action to remedy the problem.

Two Railtrack employees have also been charged.

Earlier this month, Great Western Trains was found not guilty of manslaughter in a case related to the deaths of 7 passengers when a high speed train collided with an empty freight train at Southall. At the hearing on 2 July, the judge told prosecutors that in order for the case to be successful, it would have to be shown that the company had a "directing mind" who could be proved to have been negligent.

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