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20 Sep 99

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Paddington Rail Tragedy - Death Toll Reaches 70 and likely to rise

  : Wednesday, October 06, 1999
Seventy people are now known to have been killed in the collision between two crowded trains near Paddington

Photo: bbc
Scene of destruction at Ladbroke Grove
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In Pictures: Paddington Train Crash
BBC Online
Ladbroke Grove Train Crash
News Unlimited
station on Tuesday October 5, 1999. It is possible that the count could go higher.

According to a statement issued by Metropolitan police 28 bodies have so far been recovered and another 42 people are to be missing. The drivers of the trains are amongst those missing. Concern has also been expressed for 100 people who may have been travelling on either train.

The accident happened at 08:11, during the morning rush hour. A Great Western Trains Inter City 125, approaching Paddington collided with a 3 car commuter train, operated by Thames Trains which was leaving Paddington, headed for Bedwyn in Wiltshire.

The intense heat generated by the fire in one of the carriages may make it impossible to recover any more bodies from that vehicle. Due to the fragile state of the carriage, recovery teams have not yet been able to enter it. It is understood that a visual inspection has been unable to determine if there are any bodies.

A number of reception centres have been set up by the Police for freinds and relatives who are concerned about any one who may have been travelling on either of the trains. A telephone number is available for friends and relatives is 0171 834 7777.

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