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Freight train derailed near Nyngan

Rodney Masters : Sunday December 26, 1999

On Friday 24 December at approximately 17:00 a train conveying lead concentrate derailed 15 km east of Nyngan.
The train was travelling from a mine near cobar in far western New South Wales to Dubbo whilst heading to Nevertire. The train consisted of three 48 class branch line locos and was owned and operated by Freightcorp. Fifteen open wagons loaded with lead concentrate derailed. Eleven of the wagons tipped over and their loads were spilled.

Environmental issues were raised due to the spillage. Recovery work will commence at 1000 on Sunday 26 December when a 110 tonne rail recovery crane will be on site. Several of the wagons are buried 2 metres deep in the ballast.

No cause is yet apparent

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