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Gallery: Mobile, Alabama 1993
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Amtrak dismissed from Mobile lawsuit

  : Saturday, August 14, 1999
A judge has dismissed Amtrak in seven personal injury cases arising from the Sunset Limited train crash near
Mobile 1993
The scene of the disaster in 1993

Mobile, Alabama in 1993 according to a report from The Associated Press.

The accident occurred in thick fog when a tow-boat struck a railway bridge over a bayou on 22 September 1993. This dislodged a bridge support shortly before the Sunset Limited was due. The weakened bridge was unable to bear the weight of the train which plunged into the murky waters below. Of the 210 people aboard, 47 were killed, including 5 of the train's crew making it Amtrak's worst disaster .

The case was based on the contention that Amtrak shared responsibility for the accident due to the speed of the train and the poor crashworthiness of the carriages. Amtrak has already made an out-of-court settlement on 42 cases of wrongful death and 10 out of 17 personal-injury cases have also been settled.

The cases against two other defendents, the owner of the bridge CSXT and the owner of the boat, Warrior & Gulf Navigation are to proceed. A court date has been set for June 2000 to hear these cases.


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