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Fatal rail crossing accident in Llanbrynmair

  : Friday, October 29, 1999
One person has been killed and 4 others injured in a collision between a train and a

Central Trains
car on a crossing in Wales according to a BBC report today.

The person who died was a woman passenger in the car, a 45 year-old from Ohio, USA. The driver of the car is in a serious condition in hospital. The remainder of those who were hurt were passengers on the train and received only minor injuries.

The train was the 09:40 Lincoln to Aberystwyth, operated by Central Trains and was carrying 70 passengers. It collided with the car on a rural, little used crossing where the Shrewsbury - Aberystwyth line crosses a narrow, unclassified road. The crossing is protected by warning lights.

The crossing is a "miniature warning light crossing" with lights, gates and telephones to call the emergency services and a signal box. The gates have to be manually opened and closed by operators of road vehicles using the crossing. There are signs explaining how to use the crossing including instructions to close the gates. Early investigations by Railtrack show that the lights and the telephones at the crossing were working properly at the time of the collision.

A spokesperson for Railtrack said that they had received reports that the gates were sometimes left open.

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Fatal rail crossing accident in Llanbrynmair
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