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18 Feb 99

Germany: 2 die in rail crash

Germany, 18 February 1999: A man and a woman were killed when 2 trains collided in the south of Germany.

Immenstadt (AP)
Photo: AP
Train crash at Immenstadt
The collision occurred at around 1100 (local time) on Thursday February 18, 1999 near the town of Immenstadt in southern Germany. An express train was travelling between Obertsdorf and Dortmund when the two rear carriages became derailed. A local train proceeding in the opposite direction collided with the last carriage of the express. The locomotive of the local train fell on its side and all seven carriages were derailed.

A woman was killed instantly and a man died later in hospital. Estimates of the number of injured range between 22 and 33. A spokesman said that 11 of the casualties were seriously injured.

Germany's worst rail disaster since WWII occurred last year near the northern town of Eschede.This accident claimed 101 lives when a high-speed "ICE" struck a bridge.

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Two dead, 33 hurt in German train crash
Nando Times (Associated Press) 18/02/99

Two killed in German train collision
CNN Interactive 18/02/99

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)
Corporate web site
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