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Three injured as commuter train derailed
The Australian 10/07/99

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The Australian 12/07/99

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ABC 12/07/99

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Sydney commuter train derails injuring 3

  : Saturday, July 10, 1999
A City Rail commuter train travelling from Sydney to Berowra derailed yesterday injuring 3 people.
The accident occurred between Hornsby and Asquith stations at 18:20. The train had just left Hornsby and was carrying as many as 100 people.

The train is believed to have run through catch-points and the first four cars ran onto the ballast. According to a State Rail Authority spokesperson the points are a "track fail-safe" mechanism. They designed to operate automatically in the event of a signalling error and "will derail the train as a matter of course". It is not known what caused the device to operate.

Australia's Rail Access Corporation, in an attempt to reassure the public has denied that budget cuts are affecting maintenance levels on Sydney's train lines. The Corporation denies claims that trains must to travel at reduced speeds because of the poor condition of the track.

Residents in the area say that the section of line between Hornsby and Asquith is known locally as an accident blackspot according to The Daily Telegraph. Since 1936 when a steam locomotive went into a siding and crashed down an embankment, there have been five more accidents on the line. (Rail black spot).

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