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Anniversary of the ICE disaster

Eschede remembers

David Fry : Wednesday, June 02, 1999
One year after ICE 884 smashed into a bridge at Eschede in Lower Saxony, the town prepares to remember those who died

Tributes laid at the approach to the bridge that fell on the train.
and were injured.

On 3 June 1998, DB's high speed service to Hamburg - ICE 884, WILHELM CONRAD RÖNTGEN left Munich at 05.47. Five hours later, at 125 mph the train derailed demolishing supports for an overbridge bringing it down on top of the speeding express. In what became the worst rail accident in Germany since WW2, 101 people lost their lives.

To commerate the tragedy, Eschede will hold a number of events commencing this evening when the Catholic church of St Theresa will be available for silent contemplation. A service will be held in the Lutheran church Johanniskirche at noon. To allow maximum participation, the service will be relayed to the church square. Further services are planned for the evening in both churches

The Glockenkolkhalle will be open exclusively for survivors and relatives where counsellors will be available. The Red Cross and local volunteers will provide refreshments.

Photo: AP
An ICE passes the site of last year's disaster
On the railway, representatives of Deutsche Bahn and civic officials will lay wreaths at the Pallet Cross. From 09.30 to 13.00 all trains will pass Eschede at reduced speed and from 10.55 to 11.05 any trains at the accident site will come to a stop. Church bells will be rung at this time.

All schools in Eschede will be closed for the day.

More information about the schedule is available at the Eschede web site (in German).

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