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2 die in Ethiopian train explosion

  : Sunday, November 14, 1999
Two railway employees were killed and a third injured in an explosion on the railway line at Melka

The line to Djibouti has achieved a new strategic importance for landlocked Ethipia. Since the start of border clashes in 1998 the Erutrian port of Assab has been unreachable. In order to reach a seaport, traffic has been switched to the Djibouti route

Ethio-Eritrian Conflict
Ethiopia News Agency
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BBC Online
Jebdu about 12 Km from Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia yesterday (13 November).

The cause of the explosion is now believed to be a land mine that was placed on the railway line. Other details of the incident however remain limited. Reports variously suggest that a commuter train from Dire Dawa to Addis Ababa or an express train from Djibouti to Addis Ababa was damaged in the explosion. They state that 2 drivers were killed, but no passengers were harmed.

The injured railway employee is believed to be an assistant conductor and is said t be in critical condition in hospital.

This is the second time this year that the same stretch of the railway has been targetted in a bomb attack. In August explosives placed on the line injured two crewmen on an express train to Djibouti.

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