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05 Feb 99

USA: Explosives train derails

5 February 1999: Two freight cars containing explosives, in a train bound for a US Navy weapons centre were derailed in southern Indiana

CP derailment at Burns City
Photo: AP
Derailed flat bed cars of the CP ammunition train
The train was heading for the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Crane, about 75 miles southwest of Indianapolis. The ordnance was being transported in containers on freight cars belonging to Canadian Pacific Railway and included "bombs, demolition charges and propellant charges''.

The accident occurred near Burns City, about half a mile outside the Crane Naval Base. Cars were being shunted when four became derailed. The two cars carring the bombs tipped over shedding their eight containers.

Although there was apparently no danger of an explosion, the area near the site of the accident was evacuated as a precaution.

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Train loaded with bombs derails outside Crane naval warfare center
CNN Interactive
05 Feb 99


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