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Swiss Federal Railways (DBB)

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Switzerland: 2 Dead in commuter train collison

  : Monday November 1, 1999
Two people have been killed and as many as 25 injured in a collision between 2 commuter trains in a
photo: bbc

Swiss Federal Railways
suburb of the Swiss Capital, Bern.

The accident happened at Bern-Weissenbuehl station on the outskirts of Bern on the line from Bern to Berp at about 18:00 (CET), during the height of the evening rush hour. A train travelling from Bern was just leaving the station struck the side of another train coming from Thup. The locomotive and a carriage of the Bern departure were derailed.

The train had departed Weissenbuehl station even though the signal was still red. The trains were supposed to pass each other in the station.

A spokesman for Swiss Federal Railways is quoted as saying the system has had "long standing problems with the track switching system" and there have been discussions about fitting all trains with Automatic Train Protection.

An investigation into the accident has begun.
Web sources
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Europe Online 02 Nov 99
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Go News 01 Nov 99
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BBC Online 01 Nov 99
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