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Amtrak train collides with truck in Canada

  : Tuesday November 9, 1999
An Amtrak train collided with a truck today (9 November) killing one person
Collision at Acton, Ontario
photo: AP
Locomotive lies on its side after colliding with a truck near Acton, Ontario

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and injuring six.

The collision occurred at at about 09:00 on a level crossing near Acton, west of Toronto. The locomotive of the high speed train fell onto its side and four carriages were derailed. The truck was carried along the track for a short distance before falling into a ditch.

The train is operated under contract to Via Rail and was bound for Chicago. The crossing is equipped with barriers and flashing lights.

According to a police spokesperson, the person who died was the driver of the truck. The injured were travelling in the train and suffered only minor injuries. They were treated in hospital.

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Train, Truck Collide in Canada
Las Vegus Sun 09 Nov 99
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