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Waterloo collision injures 27

  : Friday March 10, 2000
Twenty seven people were injured when a train
photo: BBC

collided with another stationary train at London's Waterloo station today (10 March).

The incident occurred at about 13:50 when a train operated by South West Trains was approaching the platform at the London terminus. It was meant to stop short of the other train, also operated by SWT to disembark passengers prior to the two trains being connected together to form a longer train.

There were about 120 people on the moving train, most of whom would have been standing, preparing to alight when the train stopped. Three of those injured were seriously hurt.

Investigators from the Health and Safety Executive, Railtrack and South West Trains are looking for possible causes for the accident.

When a train occupies a terminal platform into which a following train is to be placed the driver gets a platform indicator with a "call on" signal. The track circuit detects that the platform is occupied and this activates the "call on" (2 white lights). If the driver did not get this call on he might be misled into believing the platform was empty. Railtrack however says that the signalling system was functioning correctly.

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Web sources:
Train collision at London station
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South West Trains


Health ∓ Safety Executive

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